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  • October 9,10,14, 2017 – 48 hr intensive 9:30-5pm,
  • monthly 90 min coaching calls,
  • supervised practicum,
  • Buddy Coaching program,
  • Hypnosis for Business class and business planning completion April 13, 2018

Join the fastest growing profession in human relations, coaching, with the power and punch of hypnosis!  Get in depth training as a life coach, including advanced coaching skills, client management and marketing All paperwork that you need to practice is included. Our marketing training is exceptional with the goal of training you to make a six figure income. As a type of coaching, hypnotic coaching focuses on clients’ goals to create success. Our training is very comprehensive. It is contains the tools and techniques of coaching, with the power and punch of hypnosis. You will learn five styles of hypnosis, the management and development of a private practice, and how to coach people to success in the areas of life design, weight, health and wellness (headaches, breathing issues, allergies, and how to support individuals with cancer. Get an international certification and experience great personal growth as you train for a wonderful career!

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Investment: $2995 if paid in payments
Full pay $2700 (save $295)
Register with $700 down payment by August 15, 2017 $2845 (save $150)
Register with $700 down payment by September 15, 2017 $2895 (save $100)

Class limited to 12


In 2008 the A.C.H.E began certifying Hypnotic Coaches. This is a non therapeutic use of hypnosis as a coach and combines the skills of life, business, or relationship coaching with the techniques of classical hypnosis. Hypnotic Coaching teaches the use of hypnosis as a tool to achieve goals: learning goals, fulfillment goals and performance goals. This training requires a minimum of 200 hours of hypnosis and coaching training (100 hours of each). Individuals are certified as Hypnotic Coaches. With an additional 100 hours of training for a total of 300 hours, individuals are certified as a Master Hypnotic Coaches.


Deals mostly with a person’s past and trauma, and seeks healing.

Doctor-patient relationship (Therapist has the answers).

Assumes emotions are a symptom of and something wrong.

The Therapist provides professional expertise and guidelines to give you a path to healing.

Hypnotic Coaching

Deals mostly with a person’s present and seeks to guide them into a more desirable future.

Co-creative equal partnership (Coach helps client discover their own answers). Assumes emotions are natural normalizes them.

The Coach stands with you, and helps YOU identify the challenges, then works with you to turn challenges into victories and holds you accountable to reach your desired goals.

As part of coaching, hypnotic coaching is a developmental model that assumes that, just like the acorn that grows into the mighty oak, the client already has the seeds of their own magnificence.

I would add that one of the things that distinguishes coaching from therapy is that coaching is a professional contractual relationship of equals.

This is adapted from an article written by Patrick Williams EdD. MCC. in Choice Magazine Volume 5 #3. Dr Williams is the Director of the Life Coach Training Institute.