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  • Using Your Time Wisely: You have 24 hours each day. So make the most of each day. It’s not important how much time you have. What is important is what you do with the time you’re given. Time is a precious gift. Don’t squander it. You’ll regret it later if you do. Time is one thing we can’t get back. Once it has passed, it’s gone forever. Ultimately, using your time well means knowing what your priorities are and then choosing to focus on them. We all have things that waste our time. Now is the time to identify those things that waste your time and distract you from positive activities.
  • For many small business owners, their businesses become more like a hobby than a money making business. This is due to inefficient systems which creates mediocre profits, and a high likelihood of eventual burn out and failure. You can get away with this approach if you don’t have high income goals, and if you enjoy your business so much that you don’t mind spending a massive percentage of your time focused on it. However, even if your business is part time, and even if it’s not your sole source of income, you could still benefit from learning how to be more effective making your business more effective as a business.
  • Success means different things to different people, but for everyone, feeling successful is about having the quality of life that nurtures and sustains you. There are five simple keys to achieving success. l. Realize that you create your success! 2. Get a clear picture of your success. 3. Remove your blocks to success. 4. Develop a success plan. 5. Program your mind for success.
  • Marketing is the engine of your business. Success means embracing marketing. If your business is a vehicle to take you where you want to go, then marketing is the engine of that vehicle. When you neglect the engine (marketing), you forget to put oil in it, and eventually the vehicle stops functioning the way it’s suppose to. You are then treating your business like a hobby and it will never support you the way you deserve. Where have the majority of your clients come from?
  • No Sales – No Business – No Service Sales are the key to the success of any business that you may have. It is important to get comfortable with the sales process. The sales process is how a potential customer makes the decision to become an actual customer for you. This needs to happen on a regular basis, in sufficient quantity, for your business to succeed and your potential client to receive benefits. Effective sales, sets the stage for overall success in all areas of your business success. It directly affects your profit and allows your customers to receive the benefits of your service or product. This is key to your success.

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