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  1. Master Certified Hypnotic-Coach Workbook

    Certified Hypnotic-Coach Workbook


    This is the foundation training book for Hypnotic-Coaching. The field of Hypnotic-Coaching is about working with people who want “success” in their lives. A Hypnotic-Coach is much like a trainer who helps an athlete win the “gold medal” – not just be in the race. Hypnotic-Coaches help clients design the lives they want. It helps them achieve their goals. Hypnotic-Coaching is a process that teaches the use of hypnosis to create a solution-focused life. Hypnotic-Coaching goes beyond problem solving and uses life coaching techniques to help the client create a life that is purposeful and focused. Hypnotic-Coaching is not therapy. Hypnotic-Coaching is a new and different profession. It is not hypnotherapy nor does it replace it. Hypnotic-Coaching is part of the coaching profession. This book teaches the skills and tools of the Hypnotic-Coach and how to use hypnosis to successfully help clients achieve their goals. By Zoilita Grant
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  2. Hypnotic Coaching

    Hypnotic Coaching

    Starting at: $125.00

    Uses the tools and techniques of coaching with the power and punch of hypnosis to help you achieve your goals! You can use the power of your mind to create the life you want and I can help you do it.
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  3. ADD and Hypnosis - Certification Program

    ADD and Hypnosis - Certification Program


    Hypnosis skills are very effective to help children, adolescents and adults with ADD. For instance a person who feels positive about themselves is able to accomplish anything they choose. This is very difficult with the outside world’s reactions to ADD. As a Hypnosis Practitioner, you have ideal tools to help build self-esteem, develop positive self concepts, and improve motivation and performance, set goals and achieve them. The workbook will help you learn new powerful hypnosis applications and techniques to build upon your current skills. Excellent handouts are included to be used with clients. Latest research shows that hypnosis is as beneficial for ADD as medication. Includes many scripts to use. This package contains everything you need to know to perform these techniques with your clients and produce the same degree of success as Zoilita gets with her own clients. It includes an excellent workbook, client CDs for duplication, scripts, protocols, client handouts, class outlines, lifetime licensing agreement Class and certification.

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  4. Clearing the Wounds of the Child

    Clearing the Wounds of the Child - MP3


    This sleep meditation is designed to play as you go to sleep at night. Are you one of the people ready to take charge of your life and create lasting abundance? Are you stuck in struggle? You worked so hard, tried different things, read the Secret and spent your time thinking positive thoughts. But somehow you are still struggling: with money, relationships or personal habits. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way! You can have a prosperous life. A life that is rich and full, where dreams do come true. Do you want more money? Would you like to meet your Soul Mate? How would you like to master your weight for life? Is there a dream job just waiting to be found? You need to begin by clearing the wounds of the Inner Child. This meditation does that.
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  5. Mind Your Weight

    Mind Your Weight - MP3


    The ultimate solution to the weight issue! Time to take some weight off for the summer! Would you like to learn to shrink your stomach so you really feel satisfied eating less? It is about choice not deprivation. How about using the power of your mind to speed up your metabolism? What if you could out grow emotional eating and naturally want to eat healthy? This process helps powerful mind learn to do these things.
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  6. Weight Self Assessment Form

    Weight Self Assessment Form


    A great tool to help you discover secrets to master your weight for life
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  7. Crucial Underlying Issues

    Crucial Underlying Issues


    Find out the main reasons for excess weight and what to do about them
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  8. Weight Food Diary

    Weight Food Diary


    Everything we track we manage better. The perfect food diary for you
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  9. Hypnotic Coaching Training

    Hypnotic Coaching Training

    Starting at: $700.00

    Open Your Mind to a New Career! Become a Certified Hypnotic Coach Be Your Own Boss! Work Part Time! Make a Great Living! Make a difference in the world! October 9,10,14, 2017 – 48 hr intensive 9:30-5pm, monthly 90 min coaching calls, supervised practicum, Buddy Coaching program, Hypnosis for Business class and business planning completion April 13, 2018
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  10. Hypnosis in the MarketPlace

    Hypnosis in the MarketPlace


    The marketplace is filled with opportunities for hypnosis practitioners. In our changing financial climate, individuals are looking for support in being their best and reaching their full potential and personal and business goals. Hypnosis Works! This book contains comprehensive information to work specifically with all of the ramifications of stress, weight, habits, and health. Wellness hypnosis is included as you will learn to support individuals with cancer, respiratory issues and headaches etc. Learn tips and techniques to work with each type of client and how to establish yourself as an expert
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  11. Hypnosis Counseling Skills

    Hypnosis Counseling Skills


    This book creates the missing link to success as a Hypnotherapist. It is a comprehensive book on the people skills necessary for a very successful practice. It is designed for professionals and creates a comprehensive detailing client planning techniques, communication skills and client assessment. You will learn valuable skills relating to both individuals and groups. Group facilitation skills are taught in connection with developing ongoing Hypnotherapy groups. The book also contains specific information about how to work with weight, smoking, anxiety and depression. A real must for a successful practice. Scripts, protocols, client handouts and plans are included. By Zoilita Grant
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  12. Hypnosis for Weight Mastery

    Hypnosis for Weight Mastery


    Hypnotherapy is one of the top 5 successful weight mastery strategies. This manual includes material on how to run groups utilizing hypnosis and journaling. Definitely a practice builder. Contains protocols, scripts and participants handouts. Scripts, protocols, client’s handouts. and plans are included. By Zoilita Grant ISBN 1-890575-37-2
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  13. Achieve Weight Mastery

    Achieve Weight Mastery - MP3


    Win the battle to remove all extra weight with help from your Inner Self. This CD helps to create a vision of your ideal body and use that vision to change your eating and exercise habits . Excellent suggestions to achieve weight mastery.
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  14. Letting Go of the Past

    Letting Go of the Past - MP3


    Are you trapped by the chains of your past? Is your life filled with bad habits? Would you like to be thinner, richer or happier? You have to let go of your past! In this CD, renowned hypnotherapist Zoilita Grant teaches you how to use self-hypnosis --- the untapped power of your mind ---- to break the chains of your past. You will be taken into a safe and supportive experience which will allow you to let go of your past. Then you can keep your weight balanced, find prosperity and lasting healthy relationships!
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  15. The Power of Focus

    The Power of Focus - MP3


    This CD is designed to teach you how to create greater mental focus and to use that focus to achieve your goals. There is tremendous untapped power in your mind. You will learn to release that power through greater focus. We each have a conscious and a subconscious mind. If they disagree, the subconscious always wins! When the subconscious supports conscious goals, we unleash maximum potential. Hypnosis is the most effective way to focus the subconscious mind. 90% of men, women and children easily learn hypnosis.
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  16. MindSet-For-Abundance

    MindSet-For-Abundance - MP3


    Get the MindSet-For-Abundance. Are you one of the people who are ready to take charge of your life and create lasting abundance? Unfortunately you, like many others, may be stuck in struggle. You have worked so hard, tried different things, read the Secret and have spent as much time as you can thinking positively. But somehow you are still struggling: with money, relationships or personal habits. The good news is that it does not have to be that way! You can have an abundant life. A life that is rich and full where dreams do come true. Do you want more money? Would you like to meet your Soul Mate? How would you like to master your weight for life? Is there a dream job just waiting to be found? End the Struggle now!
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    Starting at: $39.00


    Wednesday11:30-1:00 or 7-8:30 pm
    200 Lincoln St. Longmont, CO 80501
    $39 per class Full pay $150 (5 classes value $195)

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