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  1. Hypnosis Scripts and Psychological Protocols

    Hypnosis Scripts and Psychological Protocols


    A really good script can create a breakthrough with your client. This unique approach to creating protocols and scripts helps you to work with the underlying psychological issues that often complicate your work with clients. Zoilita has a real gift with the use of words and you can learn a lot just going through the scripts. These scripts and protocols been used with many clients very successfully. This book has been recently up dated and several new scripts have been added. By Zoilita Grant
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  2. Hypnosis and ADD

    Hypnosis and ADD


    This book has been recently expanded to give you a foundation of how to work with young children, adolescents and adult ADD. Work with children may either be done individually or in classes. ADD is covered in depth and you will some very concrete tools to use to help individual of all ages. 50% of children with ADD carry the full symptoms into adult life. There ADD complicates their ability to have successful lives. You will learn about ADD/ADHD and the medications that are commonly used to treat it. This book contains many scripts and protocols to work with ADD as well as an easy system for teaching client's self hypnosis. Many people are looking for nonmedical approaches to working with ADD and this book contains many scripts, protocols, handouts, and plans included. By Zoilita Grant
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  3. Hypnosis With Children and Adolescents

    Hypnosis With Children and Adolescents


    This book focuses on life and clinical issues of children and adolescents. It is easy to read and contains many helpful protocols and scripts. It also explains successful inductions to use with children and adolescents as well as play therapy techniques. Recently added are stories to use specifically with issues common to children. Scripts, protocols, participants handouts. and plans are included. By Zoilita Grant
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  4. Hypnosis for Addiction & Recovery

    Hypnosis for Addiction & Recovery


    Hypnosis is only just beginning to be used to support the process of sobriety. This book presents pioneering material that will add real dimensions to your practice. The book presents a comprehensive program on how to work with clients through addictions into recovery. The scope is very broad and teaches a system of working with addictions that includes codependency. You will learn ways to teach skills that ensure permanent recovery. Scripts, Protocols and Plans are included. By Zoilita Grant
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  5. Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

    Hypnosis to Quit Smoking


    Contains a wealth of information to help you to put together a successful smoking program. This is often a launching pad for a successful hypnotherapy practice. Information can be used with both individuals and groups. Scripts, protocols, client handouts and plans are included. An entire group program has been added including outline of sessions, handouts and scripts. By Zoilita Grant ISBN 1-890575-38-0
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  6. Recover Your Health

    Recover Your Health - MP3


    Build a healthy body from the inside out. Boost your immune system. Activate your body’s internal healing resources. Your mind can help to heal your body! This CD is a good addition to both a preventative health and recovery from illness program.
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  7. ADD and Hypnosis - Certification Program

    ADD and Hypnosis - Certification Program


    Hypnosis skills are very effective to help children, adolescents and adults with ADD. For instance a person who feels positive about themselves is able to accomplish anything they choose. This is very difficult with the outside world’s reactions to ADD. As a Hypnosis Practitioner, you have ideal tools to help build self-esteem, develop positive self concepts, and improve motivation and performance, set goals and achieve them. The workbook will help you learn new powerful hypnosis applications and techniques to build upon your current skills. Excellent handouts are included to be used with clients. Latest research shows that hypnosis is as beneficial for ADD as medication. Includes many scripts to use. This package contains everything you need to know to perform these techniques with your clients and produce the same degree of success as Zoilita gets with her own clients. It includes an excellent workbook, client CDs for duplication, scripts, protocols, client handouts, class outlines, lifetime licensing agreement Class and certification.

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  8. How to Handle Stress

    How to Handle Stress


    Simple and easy things that you can add to your life to help you handle stress.
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