Hypnotic Coaching

Hypnotic Coaching
Product Name Price Qty
Hypnotic Coaching - Discovery Session - 45 min
Hypnotic Coaching Session - 45 min
Hypnotic Coaching Session - 1 hour
Hypnotic Coaching Package - 4 sessions 45 mins
Hypnotic Coaching Package - 10 sessions 1 hr

Quick Overview

Uses the tools and techniques of coaching with the power and punch of hypnosis to help you achieve your goals! You can use the power of your mind to create the life you want and I can help you do it.


What is Hypnotic-Coaching? Hypnotic-coaching entails working with people who already have a measure of “success” in their lives, but who want to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be in their profession and their personal life. A hypnotic-coach is much like a trainer who helps an athlete win the “gold medal” – not just be in the race. Hypnotic-coaches help their clients design the life they want, bring out their clients’ own brilliance and resources so that they can achieve excellence and create purposeful, extraordinary lives. Hypnotic-coaching deals with functional people who want to move toward higher function – and achieve excellence while creating an extraordinary life. Hypnotic-coaching is a process similar to solution-focused techniques that therapists use for less serious psycho-emotional problems and life stresses. But hypnotic-coaching goes beyond problem solving and co-creates a life for the client that is purposeful and focused. Hypnotic-coaching can be done in person, throught skype, on the phone and through email.

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