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  1. Advance Alchemical Techniques

    Advance Alchemical Techniques


    This book contains techniques to facilitate a stronger transpersonal experience for the client and to help them find their Inner Guidance. You will learn to develop your own and the clients’ intuition. Subjects Alchemical Hypnosis Spirit Guides, Dream Work and working with energy. This book contains some very powerful Spiritual techniques. By using Spirit Guides we can have rapid personal change, physical and emotional healing, creativity, spiritual growth. Ancient shamanic and modern techniques are taught to be applied to clearing trauma, changing karma, accessing creativity, changing relationship patterns. Learn to work with the Dream Weaver to open the door to the dream world and to access powerful elements of creativity. Great for personal Soul growth! Mandalas, charkas, and scripts. By Zoilita Grant
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  2. Master Certified Hypnotic-Coach Workbook

    Certified Hypnotic-Coach Workbook


    This is the foundation training book for Hypnotic-Coaching. The field of Hypnotic-Coaching is about working with people who want “success” in their lives. A Hypnotic-Coach is much like a trainer who helps an athlete win the “gold medal” – not just be in the race. Hypnotic-Coaches help clients design the lives they want. It helps them achieve their goals. Hypnotic-Coaching is a process that teaches the use of hypnosis to create a solution-focused life. Hypnotic-Coaching goes beyond problem solving and uses life coaching techniques to help the client create a life that is purposeful and focused. Hypnotic-Coaching is not therapy. Hypnotic-Coaching is a new and different profession. It is not hypnotherapy nor does it replace it. Hypnotic-Coaching is part of the coaching profession. This book teaches the skills and tools of the Hypnotic-Coach and how to use hypnosis to successfully help clients achieve their goals. By Zoilita Grant
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  3. Hypnosis in the MarketPlace

    Hypnosis in the MarketPlace


    The marketplace is filled with opportunities for hypnosis practitioners. In our changing financial climate, individuals are looking for support in being their best and reaching their full potential and personal and business goals. Hypnosis Works! This book contains comprehensive information to work specifically with all of the ramifications of stress, weight, habits, and health. Wellness hypnosis is included as you will learn to support individuals with cancer, respiratory issues and headaches etc. Learn tips and techniques to work with each type of client and how to establish yourself as an expert
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  4. Master Hypnotherapist Workbook

    Master Hypnotherapist Workbook


    This workbook is comprehensive and very detailed. A great foundation for a successful practice containing overview of subpersonality therapy. This is an excellent workbook to serve as your complete reference for a successful practice. This is the primary textbook of the Colorado Coaching and Hypnotherapy Training Institute. A section on marketing the private practice is included. This will really benefit your private practice. By Zoilita Grant ISBN# 1-890575-21-6
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  5. Hypnosis Counseling Skills

    Hypnosis Counseling Skills


    This book creates the missing link to success as a Hypnotherapist. It is a comprehensive book on the people skills necessary for a very successful practice. It is designed for professionals and creates a comprehensive detailing client planning techniques, communication skills and client assessment. You will learn valuable skills relating to both individuals and groups. Group facilitation skills are taught in connection with developing ongoing Hypnotherapy groups. The book also contains specific information about how to work with weight, smoking, anxiety and depression. A real must for a successful practice. Scripts, protocols, client handouts and plans are included. By Zoilita Grant
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  6. Hypnosis for Health

    Hypnosis for Health


    This manual will teach you how to use hypnosis to effectively help clients suffering from disease. Techniques are taught for working with Cancer, respiratory problems, headaches, and allergies, as well as how to determine and deal with secondary psychological gain. You will learn step by step effective ways to boost the immune system and create healing metaphors. Scripts, protocols, client’s handouts and plans are included. By Zoilita Grant
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  7. Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression

    Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression


    Anxiety and depression are two areas, which can be greatly helped by hypnotherapy. This manual contains techniques to help eliminate the emotional causes of both anxiety and depression. It shows you how to help clients reduce and handle personal stress by changing elements of their personality. Contains comprehensive information on how to work with both anxiety and depression, teaching clients positive self-talk, how to change their belief systems and how to create internal balance. Also contains tools and strategies to help GI’s and Veterans. Scripts, protocols, client’s handouts and plans are included. By Zoilita Grant
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