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  • This book has been recently expanded to give you a foundation of how to work with young children, adolescents and adult ADD. Work with children may either be done individually or in classes. ADD is covered in depth and you will some very concrete tools to use to help individual of all ages. 50% of children with ADD carry the full symptoms into adult life. There ADD complicates their ability to have successful lives. You will learn about ADD/ADHD and the medications that are commonly used to treat it. This book contains many scripts and protocols to work with ADD as well as an easy system for teaching client's self hypnosis. Many people are looking for nonmedical approaches to working with ADD and this book contains many scripts, protocols, handouts, and plans included. By Zoilita Grant
  • This recently revised book presents clear and easy protocols and scripts to do Past Life Regression. Finding Gifts from Past Life Personalities, Redecision Therapy, Contract Work and clearing Karma are all highlighted. The book also includes information to work with children’s Past Life experiences. The book is a complete and easy to use training on how to do past life regression. Contains client handouts, a format for a Discovering Past Lives class and many scripts. By Zoilita Grant
  • This book focuses on life and clinical issues of children and adolescents. It is easy to read and contains many helpful protocols and scripts. It also explains successful inductions to use with children and adolescents as well as play therapy techniques. Recently added are stories to use specifically with issues common to children. Scripts, protocols, participants handouts. and plans are included. By Zoilita Grant
  • A handy guide for Hypnotherapists wanting to effectively work with childbirth. This is a comprehensive training system that allows you to work with the Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions of the Mother-To-Be. Hypnosis is used for easy and natural childbirth. Scripts, protocols, participants handouts. and plans are included. Mothers handouts are included. By Zoilita Grant
  • Change is a part of life and managing the change can be improved through using the power of your mind. The science of Mind/Body medicine has led the way. Zoilita's program has helped many women use their minds to manage hot flashes, sleeplessness, irritability and other common symptoms as they more effectively balance their bodies. It is possible to manage menopause successfully. This is an excellent workbook for the hypnosis practitioner who want to help women manage menopause. Scripts, protocols, client handouts. and plans are included. By Zoilita Grant
  • This manual is very comprehensive, clear and easy to use. It contains in depth information about how to work with all aspects of pain both physical and emotional. It explains the difference between physical pain and emotional suffering. Readers learn how to rate hypnotic ability. Good information for Pre and Post Operative Hypnosis. It also contains research on benefits of hypnosis with pain. Scripts, research, and client handouts. By Zoilita Grant
  • Contains Advanced Methods of Past Life Regression including: Clearing Karma, Accessing Creativity, Discovering life purpose, working with Soul Contracts. The InterLife is the place Souls go between lifetimes. There are six stations in the Interlife and various processes that you can do with each station to increase Soul awareness and development. Includes many scripts

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