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  • Hypnosis is only just beginning to be used to support the process of sobriety. This book presents pioneering material that will add real dimensions to your practice. The book presents a comprehensive program on how to work with clients through addictions into recovery. The scope is very broad and teaches a system of working with addictions that includes codependency. You will learn ways to teach skills that ensure permanent recovery. Scripts, Protocols and Plans are included. By Zoilita Grant
  • This manual contains in depth Inner Child work including how to determine developmental stages of wounding, Inner Child rescue work, and child adult bonding techniques. Alchemical Hypnotherapy techniques and interactive process are designed to change behaviors. Contains many tools to do Inner Child / Inner Family Work, Develop Inner Resources, work with wounded parts and do Committee Room Techniques. A real tool to deepen you work with people. By Zoilita Grant
  • Physical, mental and sexual abuse are some of the most significant issue in people life. It is estimated that one out of three girls, and at least for out of seven boys, are abused by the time they reach the age of eighteen. By using a combination of Alchemical hypnosis and Radiant Heart Healing it is possible to heal the deep wounds of abuse. You will learn to recognize both the symptoms and impact of abuse in your clients live. This manual will help you learn to help client with: Uncovering memories through the power of trance Absolving the Child from Guilt…purification process Developing Inner Resources Create the Adult-Child Bond Committee work Client testifies to their truth

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