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  • A really good script can create a breakthrough with your client. This unique approach to creating protocols and scripts helps you to work with the underlying psychological issues that often complicate your work with clients. Zoilita has a real gift with the use of words and you can learn a lot just going through the scripts. These scripts and protocols been used with many clients very successfully. This book has been recently up dated and several new scripts have been added. By Zoilita Grant
  • Interactive scripts are new in the field of hypnosis and Zoilita has done an incredible job of creating them. The types of scripts range from advance subpersonality to past life work. Many of the scripts contain a unique combination of cellular block clearing and interactive processes. There are scripts that can be used either in a hypnotherapy or hypnotic-coaching context. This script book is a real practice builder. By Zoilita Grant
  • This is your key to private practice success.
  • All of our sample forms on an easy-to-use zip drive. You can modify the forms to suit your needs.

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