Habit Management

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  • You can stop smoking and you can rid yourself of the desire to smoke. This CD works on your subconscious while you sleep, letting you stop smoking from the inside. This CD helps to remove your excuses for smoking. End smoking NOW!
  • Win the battle to remove all extra weight with help from your Inner Self. This CD helps to create a vision of your ideal body and use that vision to change your eating and exercise habits . Excellent suggestions to achieve weight mastery.
  • It s time to get rid of bad habits. This process removes the excuses and compulsions to continue the habit and replaces them with healthy and positive actions. This will help you to take charge of your life and create the life you want. Change Your Mind and Change Your Life!
  • The ultimate solution to the weight issue! Time to take some weight off for the summer! Would you like to learn to shrink your stomach so you really feel satisfied eating less? It is about choice not deprivation. How about using the power of your mind to speed up your metabolism? What if you could out grow emotional eating and naturally want to eat healthy? This process helps powerful mind learn to do these things.

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