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  • These MP3s are designed to help you to have an easy and comfortable birth. Your body is ideally designed to give birth. It is only the mind or emotions that get in the way. By using this audio on a daily basis, your incredibly powerful mind then helps your body do what it is designed to do: give birth in an easy and comfortable way. This MP3 is not meant to replace pre-natal care, but is a tool to help you use your own mind to create an easy & comfortable childbirth.
  • This sleep meditation is designed to play as you go to sleep at night. Your mind has the capacity to activate healing in your body and to keep you strong and healthy. This meditation is designed to support the natural healing responses of your body to repair and regenerate. It supports your immune system and helps you to have more energy. Play it as you go to sleep at night and increase your vitality during the day.
  • Hypnotherapy For The Change of Life. Must menopause mean misery? In this CD renowned hypnotherapist Zoilita Grant teaches you how to use self-hypnosis — the untapped power of your mind — to manage the changes in your body. Learn how hormonal storms, hot flashes, insomnia, irritability, moodiness, depression and other common symptoms can all be relieved with this safe, easy and effective treatment... your own mind.
  • You will learn to manage your pain much more successfully. In a state of deep relaxation the natural healing aspects of your body are enhanced through working with your Inner Healer. This CD teaches you how to manage your pain better.
  • You can find happiness. This CD helps you get to the root of the emotional causes of your depression. It helps you to reprogram your mind for greater happiness. This CD also helps to remove negative thought patterns creating more positive self talk.
  • Redefine the word young, and defy old age. You can feel young and stay young. Your state of mind can help. This CD helps the cells access the DNA of a younger self. You can feel Forever Young!
  • Build a healthy body from the inside out. Boost your immune system. Activate your body’s internal healing resources. Your mind can help to heal your body! This CD is a good addition to both a preventative health and recovery from illness program.
  • You can program your body to fight Cancer and it’s growth with this focused visualization CD. Your mental states can affect your health. Use the CD to fight back. This CD contains Cellular Release Therapy. You can fight cancer and WIN!
  • This contains a wonderful journey to meet with your own angels and to connect with them in a way that creates greater safety and security. The safer you feel inside, the easier it is to eliminate underlying fears. Control panic and anxiety while you enhance your sense of safety and security. Listen to Introduction Related Article:Hypnosis Is the Key To Your Mind, Your Health and Your Life!
  • This sleep meditation is designed to play as you go to sleep at night. This MP3 will teach your mind to let go and help you to restore deep and natural sleep. You will be led through a process training your mind to let go of worries and to enter into sleep. You will sleep deeper and more restoratively and awaken refreshed and recharged.

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