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Set Descending Direction
  • Unlock the secret world of dreams. Learn to remember and program your dreams to help solve the issues of your life. This CD helps you to focus on issues and to incubate or create dreams to solve the issues. You will learn to understand your dreams. Your dreams will become clear and helpful.
  • This process is called Grounding. It is designed to be played as you get ready for your day or when you are beginning a project or Spiritual work. It is easy to do and very effective. It is about 10 minutes in length.
  • Slumber meditation play as you go to sleep at night. This meditation is designed to help your subconscious mind to be shielded from family patterns. When you are deeply connected to your Higher Self it is much easier to live from your Authentic Self. You naturally let go of your codependency and begin live a much happier and more Authentic life. As your Authentic Self it is easier to maintain the high self esteem necessary to manifest a prosperous life.
  • This sleep meditation is designed to play as you go to sleep at night. We all have incredible intuition. It is our natural GPS system. This meditation will help you to do two things: 1) Have a stronger connection to your intuition and 2) Have faith to trust your intuition. This meditation will help you to develop your intuitive gifts. Knowingness: the ability to know history of an object by will. Hands: the ability to direct energy outwardly towards others. Telekinesis: ability to move an object by will. Feet: the ability to draw the energy from the earth into your own body through the feet chakras.
  • This process will take you into a deep state where you will be able to find and connect with your own true Spiritual Resource. Play this as you go to sleep at night.

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