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In Zolita Grant’s coaching experience, success begins by developing thinking skills that keep you focused on getting to where you’re going.

Workshops, classes, group and individual coaching going on now!

Untitled-3Zolita is a thought leader in the small business devaelopment field. Trained as a psychotherapist, for thirty-five years, she’s practiced in five states and two countries helping others align with their most authentic selves. In sessions and training classes, clients quickly have “aha! moments” to easily see how to achieve their goals and live their dreams.

Using many training tools in her arsenal of business development techniques, processes, programs and success strategies, Zolita reveals to you how to prosper in life. Her clients love using these new ways of thinking to travel the fastest path to prosperity.

Small business owners enjoy being participants in Zolita’s business development classes and seminars. Her coaching goes beyond basic problem solving. You’ll quickly see how to achieve goals, feel fulfilled and improve productivity after being in just one session with her.



Business Mindpower

Are you making money from your small business or is it taking your money and energy, leaving you feeling unfulfilled?  If you said yes to this question, NOW is the time to turn your career around.

Imagine making money doing what you really love to do.  finding the real you

It can be done by creating and developing a mindset-for-success.

The secret to having a mindset-for-success begins by using the power of your own mind.  Big corporations know how to do this.  Isn’t it time you learned how to do it, too?

Private coaching sessions reveal how you can …

  • Know where to find clients who want to buy from you now
  • Make your business easier, more productive and more fulfilling
  • Work smarter instead of harder
  • Use your internal resources for peak efficiency
  • Master yourself

Workshops, classes, groups and individual coaching going on now!

Current Classes and Groups

Your Ultimate Solution

Imagine a day in your life where you think of food only as fuel for your body. After all, that is what food is.  However, food sellers have spent billions convincing you to believe food is something MORE than just fuel for your body. This is a huge part of why many people eat food for the wrong reasons.

Picture what your life would be like seeing food the same way automobile drivers see fuel for their car.  Drivers know if they want to keep moving, they need to refuel.  That is the ONLY reason they buy fuel.

They know they never need to add fuel to their cars if they feel lonely, sad, bored, depressed or for any emotional reason.  Instead, looking at their vehicle’s fuel gauge, they logically add fuel to keep going when the tank is approaching empty.

When it comes to your health, your body is your vehicle.  And, like a car, food is used ONLY to fuel it.  Being intimately familiar with weight issues of in my personal experience, I know what it’s like to feel frustrated about food.

Because I want to help others reach and sustain a healthy weight, I’ve created The Why Weight program.  It’s a lifestyle choice program that helps you have a healthy relationship with food.

I designed the Why Weight program to end unnatural associations with food as being used for anything but fuel.  You can change your weight by changing your mind. My clients love the results of thinking ONLY of food as fuel.

Are you ready to stop having a “love/hate” relationship with food?  The results of the Why Weight program are here to help bring out the beautiful you already alive and well inside you.

Workshops, classes, group and individual coaching going on now!



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