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$39 per class Full pay $150 (5 classes value $195)

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*Clarify your values, business objectives and priorities *Honor your values and priorities through your choices and actions *Become more efficient, productive and strategic *Implement the 80/20 rule in your business *Become more proactive and less reactive *Carve out time for the important but not urgent activities *Learn scheduling and time management systems that work *Learn what to do when feeling overwhelmed or too busy *Simplify, streamline, and stop wasting your time *The importance of planning and when and how to plan effectively


Learn secrets of real organization *Create and streamline systems that produce consistent results, putting as much emphasis as you can on automation *Make it possible to delegate and outsource more *Increase your profit *Increase your freedom and your time off *Identify ways to improve your marketing *Identify and change liming beliefs about money *Create systems for automation and delegation *Create the foundation for business growth


*Learn to understand the most common blocks to success *Identify exactly what is blocking your success *Learn specific steps you can take to overcome each obstacle *How to get complete with all of your past relationships and emotional wounds so you can be completely free to move forward powerfully *How to overcome physical health challenges which may be limiting your effectiveness in business and in life *How your “shadow” may be sabotaging your success and what you can do to turn your shadow into an asset *The importance of emotional intelligence and how to improve yours.


*How to sign up more clients and make more sales *How to evaluate your current marketing efforts *How to set clear priorities for your new marketing plan *How to be more efficient and effective with your marketing efforts *A specific system for getting people to send you more high quality referrals *How to market your services or products more effectively in a down economy*Create a better plan to fill your pipeline, follow-up, get presentations, and make sales *Design and refine your marketing funnel, info products, programs, pricing and packaging, etc.


*Close more sales, make more money, and serve more people *Be completely authentic in the sales process *Overcome any personal resistance or discomfort with sales conversations *Be of service and contribute to prospective clients through your sales process so everyone feels good whether they become your client or not *Respond effectively to prospects concerns such as “I can’t afford it”, “I need to think about it” and more …* Live the Five Laws of Success.


(How to develop the business that you really want!)

Eight Sessions to transform your business

Being an independent business owner, coach or psychotherapist can be incredibly lucrative. Income levels range from a few thousand a year to $200,000 plus. Unfortunately most individuals make between $30,000 to $60,000 a year and very few make $100,000.Would you like to discover the secrets of how to end the struggle to get customers/clients and have a business that really thrives? Are you looking to take your business to the next level of financial success? MindSet for Success will do more than teach you how create a business vision and to set goals, it will use hypnosis to change your mental scripting so your goals really happen! This class will give you a quantum leap into the next level. A Master Mind Alliance will be established as you learn techniques to create focus and establish the mindset and habits that guarantee success.

Setting the Foundation for Lasting Success
—  Remove Procrastination and struggle
Create Your Business Vision
— Enhance clarity and motivation
Removing Your Prosperity Blocks
— Developing enlighten wealth
How to Really Achieve Goals
— Develop mindset-for-success
Support Structures that Lead to Success
— How to make the world work for you
Take Massive Action for Success
— 80/20 Rule
Grow your Business with a Balance Life
— Life balance strategies that work
Time to have a Wonderful Business
— Having it all and loving it!

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Very powerful processes that can be used over and over again to create profound changes. The personally designed by Zoilita and using proven methods these will create profound changes.

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Quick and easy tools that can be used over and over until they are mastered.

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Do you want to set business goals and make them happen,
Do you want stop sabotaging yourself,
Do you want tools to create the MindSet for success,
Do you want to become more organized,
Do you want stop procrastinating,
Do want to change my habits,
Do you want to be more focused.

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